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    • Asher Styrsky


      Asher Styrsky


      What We Love About Asher...

      • His passion for honesty and integrity.
      • His constant reminders that ‘life is about the journey, not the destination’.
      • That he can eat from the same restaurant for two weeks straight & not get sick of it.
      • How he keeps his employee’s individual wants and needs in mind when making business decisions.
      • That every time he leaves the office, he comes back a minute later for his sunglasses, that he has forgotten on his desk.
      • That he proudly took a ‘fanny-pack’ to Europe and insisted on calling it a money belt.

      A Bit More About Asher...

      Asher is a native Californian, born & raised in the capital city of Sacramento. In 1999, Asher started Styrsky Insurance Agency. Of all the various jobs he performs as President of SIA, Asher finds the most fulfillment in providing trustworthy, practical advice to clients who are looking for help navigating the confusing territory of the insurance world.

    • Jenny Swanson

      Insurance Agent / Office Manager / Elevation Leader

      Jenny Swanson

      Insurance Agent / Office Manager / Elevation Leader

      What We Love About Jenny...

      • Her hardworking spirit and dedication to doing things the right way.
      • That she refers to Fridays as “Flashback Fridays” and plays 90’s music all day in the office.
      • She remembers all of our clients, spouses, pets, … you get the idea!
      • She has a solution to every problem.
      • How surprisingly horrible she is at using common expressions. Always mixing them up!
      • That she cares about every person in her life.

      A Bit More About Jenny...

      Born and raised in upstate New York until the age of 13, when Sacramento became her home. As the youngest of six children and an aunt to 7, although Jenny planted her roots in Sacramento, she spends her vacation time traveling to visit her family in 5 other states. Jenny started working for Styrsky Insurance in 2001 as a part time evening employee and determined it was a career path for her future after high school. She had a crush on her next door neighbor, Tom, in 2002 and married him in 2012. When not at work, she is chasing after her little man Anthony born in 2018 and cooking, drinking wine, watching re-runs of Judge Judy and volunteering with foster youth through the Sacramento CASA organization.

    • Casey Croxford

      Insurance Agent

      Casey Croxford

      Insurance Agent

      What We Love About Casey...

      • You could add a sticker to her car bumper and she would never know.
      • Proud momma! She regularly brings up her kids when relating to clients.
      • Walking advertisement for Trader Joe's with her drinks and salads.
      • Never late to work since she starts taxi services with her kids 2 hours before work!
      • Just like the rest of us, her coffee addiction is real.

      A Bit More About Casey...

      Casey was born in Yolo County and has spent most of her life in the Sacramento area. She married her best friend in 2002 and together they have 6 amazing kids. Casey loves to read and carries a book with her wherever she goes. She is passionate about giving back and volunteers with The United Way and Sacramento Reading Partners. When she's not at work you can find her out supporting local bands, taking road trips to explore small towns, playing Just Dance with her kids, or having family game night.

    • Andrew Herrera

      Insurance Agent

      Andrew Herrera

      Insurance Agent

      What We Love About Andrew...

      • Regularly refers himself to the Lebron James of the insurance world
      • Great listener, very empathetic, and gives the most thorough explanations
      • Spanish speaking, big plus for our clients
      • Plays Pokemon Go on his lunch
      • Might be sick, or maybe a new Call of Duty map just got released

      A Bit More About Andrew...

      The middle child of two Mexican immigrants who settled in the Sacramento area in the early 90's, Andrew has called this city his home since the day he was born. After graduating high school in 2014, Andrew started college looking for a career path eventually deciding on entering the Medical Field until one day Asher swooped up a job hungry Andrew and introduced him to the world of Insurance in late 2019. When not at work, you can find him hanging around downtown or Elk Grove with friends and family. If he's not putting up terrible numbers at the local golf courses/bowling alleys you can find him secluded at home ranting on the internet about his Sacramento Kings / video games / cars / shows / etc.

    About Us

    Our business model is simple. We start by employing competent, helpful, and caring people and then train them to become experts on insurance. We sell competitively priced insurance products for virtually every type of insurance you could ever want or need. And we do the right thing, every time.

    We’ve been around long enough to realize that our best clients are people who want a competitive price from an agent they can trust.
    … somebody they know will return their phone calls.
    … somebody they can ask questions of when confused.
    … somebody who will go to bat for them when they have a problem.
    … somebody they can develop a business relationship with over the years.
    … somebody who cares.

    Styrsky Insurance Agency was started in 1999 by Asher Styrsky. Since then, several thousand clients have determined that we are the best bang for their buck. We hope you give us a chance to show you why … and a chance to earn your business.

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    What People Are Saying About Us

    Mary W., West Sacramento, CA

    Client Since 2010

    "If you want great customer service, this is the place to go. We have all our auto insurance and home policies with this group. In the last few months we have made various changes and requests regarding our policies. I have to say that Jenny has been wonderful in getting me the rates and information to help me make the right decisions regarding our coverage. She is always prompt in getting back to me when I have contacted her and super nice. I highly recommend Styrsky Insurance Agency - their team is top notch."

    Janice B., Sacramento, CA

    Client Since 1998

    "I've been insured with Styrsky Insurance Agency for years and have always received the highest care and personal attention. Most recently, they took amazing care of me after I rear-ended someone and had to put in a claim. They wanted to make sure I was okay first and foremost and then answered all my questions and took care of the situation immediately. Best service and staff EVER."

    Tom and Megan B. – Home, Auto, and Life Insurance

    Client Since 2006

    "It all started when we referred by our friends to your agency. From the first time I called in for help on my insurance, I found that you made it comfortable and were just very easy to work with. We also like how personable you are and how there is no sales pressure."

    Shawn A. – Rental and Flood Insurance

    Client Since 2003

    "To me, family is the most important thing in the world. Its funny, because even though we have never met in person, the service that I get from your agency makes me feel like family."

    Sarah G. – Home, Landlord, and Auto Insurance

    Client Since 2004

    "Thank you so much for all your help! You really went above and beyond for me. That was truly amazing customer service. Please enjoy this gift card. Thanks!"

    Amanda K.

    Client Since 2002

    "Thank you so much for coming to the rescue! You and Jenny saved the day! Please give her a big thank you from me." 

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